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From left, Floyd, Mamie, Maggie,
Darby and Meg
left to right: Meg, Darby, Crystal
Welcome to Clydebrook!  We are a small kennel, having one or two litters a year and are based in beautiful Georges Creek,  in the north east region of Victoria.  We have owned, bred and shown Airedale Terriers since 2003, both here in Australia and also in the UK.  
The Airedale Terrier is intelligent, easy to train and an excellent companion dog.  They are a hardy breed, with a harsh, weather-resistant coat which doesn't shed all over your furniture.  Airedales are easy to get along with and are happy just to be with you regardless of what you're doing.  
We became involved with the breed in 2003 when we got our first Airedale,  Darby (Aust Gr Ch Fyreoayre Robberyundarms) as an eight-week old puppy from Rebecca Preece-Harvey in Sydney, having previously shown and bred Alaskan Malamutes and German Shepherds.  Darby changed our lives and we have been hooked on Airedales ever since!    
Some of the dogs you will see here are no longer with us, either having been re-homed or having passed away.  They were such a large part of our lives and will always remain in our hearts, so their pages will stay on our website as part of our cherished Airedale memories.   
For further information about the breed please contact us by email or phone, (see our Contacts page) or look us up under Clydebrook in  www.dogzonline.com.au
left to right:Maggie, Meg, Floyd, Mamie,